Turquoise is one of the most appreciated gemstone through the history.

In Mayan language it is called "Tuunich Ch`ooh ", in old Japan " Taka-shi " and in Persia " Fairuz."

The name Turquoise comes from  French traders in the High Middle Age, who got it in Turkey, from the mine of Mersai Ali, near Mashhad in Persia.

The natural perfume of the Turquoise gemstone is Jasmine

The properties of the oldest gem are, of course, knowledge and truth.

Deep knowledge and beauty.

It is important for the person who enjoys a Turquoise gemstone gives it proper attention, because it is a gemstone that needs the person to attune to it, instead of the stone attuning to the person.

This gem belongs to the second chakra, between the pubis and the navel wich is the point of physical balance of the person, the "Ki"

In Sanskrit "Swadhisthana" sweetness.