Its name comes from the Achates River, south of Sicily in the province of Siracusa in Italy, where the legends relate to have found the first of these gems.

This gem is formed in volcanic rocks and their size can range from few inches to some cubic yards.

It has hexagonal crystallization and hardness 7.

Agate gemstone is a great energetic protector and a keeper of the purity of the Aura.

Its perfume is Amber

 Popular  Islamic cosmology says that this gem was the first being in creation who obeyed and follow the impulse to exist.

The prophet of Islam,use to wearing a ring with this gemstone, called in Asia "Akik"

In ancient Egypt, was considered a precious gem.

 Agate gem corresponds to the first chakra, the root, "Muladara"

In astrology, it is considered associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. The Virgin.