This gem takes its name from its opalescence, in India it is known as Chandrakant, the Greeks called Fengarópetra.

It comes from Ceylon and has also been found in the Alps.

It has the sixth level on the Mohs hardness scale.

This is the quintessential feminine gem and is associated with the feminine energy of compassion and unconditional love, his active force, receptive intuition and empathy makes the Moonstone the gem of  inner growth.

It is the gem of the presence that opens new paths.

It corresponds to the astrological signs of Cancer and Aquarius.

It is associated to the seventh Chakra, Sajasra-ara, the thousand spokes of the wheel of life or presence in each new situation.

Vibra in the essence of musk.

Gorgeous Sterling silver and faceted Moonstone gemstone pendant.. Foto 1