It is an olive green gemstone formed by a meteorite that fell in the Miocene, 15 million years ago on the area of the actually  Nördlinger Ries in Germany.

It was catalogued like "Moldavite" by the French geologist Armand Dufrenoy in the early 1800 by the river Moldau  (Czech Vltava river) that cross Boheme.

It is the only extraterrestrial cosmic substance considered as a gemstone that can be cut and carved, and it is also the rarest of the earth.

Moldavite carvings had been found in the Egiptian tombs and also with the 24.000 years old Venus of Willendorf, found in 1908 near the town of Krems in Austria
This gemstone is considered the main healing stone by the holistic medicine that described it as Orion Constellation Meteorite