The name Emerald comes from the Greek word "Smaragdas".

In India, coming from Sanskrit is known as "Panna".

Belongs to the family of Beryl.

It has a Hexagonal crystal system.

Emerald is a green Beryl and we know the blue Beryl as Aquamarine, the pink as Morganite and white as Goshenite.

  It is found too in bright yellow-green shades by the name of Heliodorus (from the Greek "helios," sun and "doron" gift.

Emerald is the gem of abundance, prosperity and knowledge.

This gem symbolizes hope and neutralizes negative force fields and it is known like the gemstone of successful love, providing sensitivity to its wearers.

Related to the Heart chakra "Anahata"

The depth and understanding of this gemstone vibrates with the fragrance of the perfume of Vetiver.

Has affinity with the signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra.