The name Sapphire comes from the Greek word 'Zafiró'.

In India it is known by the name 'Neelam' which in Sanskrit means the blue gem.

Sapphire belongs to the family of Corundum.

Blue, yellow, green and pink Corundum are Sapphires and red color, Rubies.

Most emblematic blue Sapphire is known as "Blue Velvet" from high mountain mines in Kashmir.

Yellow sapphire is known as "Royal Sapphire"

Pink-orange Sapphire is known and admired as "Papparadscha"

The rare green Sapphire is called the "Emerald of the East."

Trigonal crystallization and hardness "9".

Sapphire gives the ability to perceive and admire beauty.

It is the "stone of prosperity," for excellence, helping its wearer achieve her aspirations.

Sapphire is a very special gemstone because it focuses the needed energy on its own, even without the attune of the wearer.

The beauty and self-confidence of Sapphire gemstones presence, vibrates with the fragrance of carnation.

Tune in to the fourth chakra, "Anahata", the heart.

Ii relates to the astrological sign of Scorpio.