The name of this gemstone comes from Ceylon, Sry-Lanka. ‘Turamali’ means in Sinhalese “Stone of mixed colors”.

This are the most common names given to Tourmalines:

Rubellite - pink tourmaline red.

Indigolite - Blue Tourmaline.

Elbaite - Green Tourmaline.

Schorl - Black Tourmaline.

Siberite - Purple Tourmaline.

This gem helps to increase the objectivity and serenity to be of great help to channel the feelings of tolerance, understanding and self-esteem.

It is also very prized as a gem of protection.

Tourmaline has interesting electromagnetic properties, the pyro and piezoelectricity.

Tourmaline gemstones energetic presence vibrates with the fragrance of

Is associated with the heart chakra ‘Anahata’

In Astrology it is associated with the sign of Libra.