The name of this gemstone comes from the Sanskrit name raja-Avarta "crown jewel" which becomes lazvard in Persian, lazaward in classical Arabic and in Latin lazulum and lapis, stone; lapis lazuli.

In Sanskrit it is also known as Avarta-mani "blue pyrite."

It comes from Afghanistan in Eurasia and from Chile, in America.

Its amazing deep blue colour with sparkles of silver and golden pyrite has been seen for many generations as a symbol of the night sky alight with stars.

Hardness 5.5

It is an important activator of positive energy, known as the gemstone's light master.

Lapis Lazuli is believed to bring mental clarity to focus its wearer in the here and now.

Lapislazuli gemstone relates to the sixth chakra 'Ajna', the light, and it does balance too, the fifth chakra 'Vishuddha',the expression.

The very natural perfume of the Lapislazuli gemstone, is the night perfume of the mountains: 'Honeysuckle'. Dr.Bach prepared from its fragrance a floral remedy to help people to live in the present.

Lapislazuli corresponds to the astrological sign of Libra.