The name Garnet comes from the latin "granatus" referring to the pomegranate tree.

In classical Persian it is called "Tamara" and in the Torah, "Ramam."

Its perfume is related to the essential oil of pomegranate tree flowers.

 Hardness 7.0 - 7.5

This gemstone is not unique in itself but forms a family of different garnets:

Almandine - red to reddish purple.

Spessartite - yellow, pink and orange.

Pyrope – deep red.

Grossular - white, yellow and greenish yellow.

Demantoid - emerald green.

The Garnet is associated with the first Chakra, "Muladara" the root.

It is related to the sign of Scorpio.

This fire gemstone symbolizes faith, perseverance, courage, honesty and generosity.

It is the "friendly" gemstone. The guide.

The Torah relates that Noah used a Garnet lamp to light the way in the dark on the Arc.

In the Nabimian mines, the Garnet is used as an indicator mineral to found diamonds.